A blog on Brixton life and news edited by Zoë Jewell. Please send ideas, questions, comments to brixtonbloggers@gmail.com.

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  1. chrisunderwood

    excellent new blog, have added it to my list. I do a similar one on Shepherd’s Bush where I live, but I work in Brixton by day so am now an avid reader!

    Good luck – and stick with it in the early days..

  2. Micky Jay

    Hello. A good friend was evicted from his own flat in Brixton by order of the High Court after Lambeth Council took him to court for Council Tax arrears dating back several years. This is despite the fact that it was accepted that during the relevant periods he was on benefits and therefore would have been entitled to Council Tax benefit. They said they could only backdate a claim for a maximum of two years yet they were able to claim payment for several years back.

    It is accepted that he failed on a number of occasion to have the matter rectified.

    The property, a large flat off Brixton Hill was left to my friend (jointly with his son) in a will several years ago.

    Lambeth proceeded by getting court orders for arrears and the instructing Bailiffs on six or seven separate occasions – even though they were well aware of his financial position.

    £10,000 was the total Lambeth told the High Court it is owed and as a result of their bankruptcy proceedings costs in excess of £30,000 have now been added. It’s been a source of easy money for the various lawyers – typical of the breed.

    Lambeth Council, on several occasions, refused an offer for the arrears to be paid off in instalments and also refused to take a charge against the property but insisted on going for possession.

    This eventually ended with him being forced onto the streets on Monday last. He was given emergency B&B for one night and has since had to sleep rough. Lambeth refuse to accept they have a MORAL responsibility to give him temporary accommodation until such time as the flat is sold and the balance distributed (his share is estimated to be worth around £150,000).

    A catalogue of inadequacies and failures by various members of Lambeth Councils staff has ensued since Monday including a failure of two of his three ward councillors to even respond to emails and voicemail messages.

    The third ward councillor is Steve Reed. His assistant/Pa has replied saying Steve Reed (the leader of Lambeth Council) is unavailable but she will m make enquiries and let me know in due course!

    Meanwhile this man of nearly 60 who is on Jobseekers Allowance is left on the streets. This is an absolute disgrace and the vindictive behaviour of Lambeth Council is totally unacceptable.

    The only thing Lambeth have done is give him a “Letter of Acceptance” that he qualifies for the “Homefinder Deposit Guarantee Scheme” and told him to rent a flat privately.

    They refuse even to entertain the idea of advancing him sufficient funds (by taking a charge against his share of the future available funds) to enable renting privately to be a real option.

    • owen chapman

      Great post and good on Brixton Blog for letting it stand. Shocking story, hope there have been some positive developments in the interim. Brickbats to Lambeth!

  3. John

    Hi – great blog, but I have just one little criticism which is that on your links pages you’ve got the “We love Brixton Hill” page. This is set up and run by the Lambeth Labour Party (they have lots of other ones – We Love Herne Hill etc), but your description of it is a “Community information site for Brixton Hill residents”. Urm – that’s what Lambeth Labour Party want readers to believe, but it isn’t the case…it’s a partisan political site.

    It’s not an unreasonable mistake to make – I’ve just had another look at the site and I can’t see anything actually admitting it’s run by the Labour Party – apart from the blatant editorial bias of course. But it is.

    Anyway, just thought you might want to point this out – in case you’re wondering about my agenda btw, I’m a member of Lambeth Green Party.

  4. Very happy to have found this blog. I am going to be moving to Brixton at the end of the month and I’ve heard that there’s a strong blogger community there. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  5. Hi there! SO happy to have found your blog, it is wonderful. It’s so great to find little corners of the web celebrating Brixton! I hope to do the same on my blog soon.

    I was wondering if you could help me out with some info – do you know of any Brixton magazines (besides LIVE)?

  6. Suggestion

    Buy the domain name ‘brixtonblog.com’ it is still available and having wordpress dont look so good!

  7. I love Brixton and wonder why the film people don’t use it more.

  8. zoeliv

    I didn’t reject either of them – indeed, it only took me four minutes to approve them…

  9. Ah sorry! Something went wrong with the long post I wrote ealier. It took me some time to write because I’m not secure about ability y write something anyone would like to read. It was titled why ‘I love Brixton’. I’ll write it again soon.

  10. I’ve just come back from getting lunch and the Brixton sky is bursting with spring. There’s quite a few people sat outside the Ritzy. As always, there’s always a friendly face waiting to great you.

  11. My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different page and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page again.

  12. Checkout Time Out’s 101 things to do in London Facebook app.


  13. Hi – I was in Brixton Village yesterday and made a meal from the produce that bought I’d from there. Take a look and feel free to share: http://www.foodifancy.com/my-local-brixton-village

  14. Hi – I was in Brixton Village yesterday and made a meal from the produce that I’d bought from there. Take a look and feel free to share: http://www.foodifancy.com/my-local-brixton-village

  15. Whirled Art Studios Christmas Art & Craft Fair 3rd and 4th December

    Whirled Art Studios are holding a Christmas Fair, that means the Whirled Art Cinema space will be transformed into a Santa’s Grotto full of the residence of Whirled studios, showing their work and selling pieces of art at Christmas present prices.

    We have mulled wine and homemade cakes for you when you come.

    Silver Jewellery, paintings, illustrations, stained glass mirrors, cast glass, photography, prints, greetings cards, fused glass jewellery

    SE24 0HN

    Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of December 12-6



  16. iwona

    hello, if someone would help me in completing living with councilu, I do not know what to do, my landloord throws me on the streets, I have two daughters and looking for work, after all we have to live somewhere, please help what to do…thx Iwona

  17. mike o'hare

    Brixton Academy Buzzcocks gig- Can anyone give me a read on security and the overall vibe of the O2 Academy. I’m trekking from the US to see the Buzzcocks show in May and am desperate to meet John Maher (original drummer). I get the feeling that the Academy is rather uptight and that security there would not lightly suffer an American autograph seeker. What’s security like, etc? Any advice on meeting performers at the Academy? Much obliged and Cheers, Rexcat3

  18. ila

    Hi guys I am a professional girl buying a 2 bed flat in Arodene Road… is it a safe road? I have been living in north West London many years but I could not afford a flat there….so moving to Brixton as I have few friends living south…let me know

  19. ila

    Thank you so much! that’s great news

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